Call Manager

Call Manager will help you record, track, and report on all aspects of your service or maintenance business.

This will improve your customer service levels, help you manage your service business more profitably, and even be a major contributor on your path to ISO accreditation.

The software can be used to log any type of support activity and record details of supported equipment and maintenance contracts.

The types of business that can benefit from Call Manager are :

  • IT Service and Maintenance
  • Domestic Service and Maintenance e.g. heating, white goods, electrical goods
  • Property Letting and Maintenance

The software ties in seamlessly with our Asset Manager to give a comprehensive solution to monitor location, configuration, and maintenance history for any equipment you service or maintain.

Call Manager Features

  • Call Manager is a new and revolutionary product because it is entirely web based.
  • The web bolt-ons that you can buy for existing systems provide very limited functionality.
  • Over the years, established helpdesks have become overloaded with features making them extremely hard to implement and configure. We provide core features, like knowledge base, inventory management and Call management. Any refinements are provided as part of tailoring to requirements including service level management and call escalation.

By providing a core feature set and then tailoring it to your requirement you get :

  • A system that matches your specific needs
  • A system that is installed and working much quicker than the established systems
  • A more cost-effective system that gives you secure unlimited user access but without the cost of licensing.

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