Spam Control

Up to three quarters of all email is now spam (unsolicited email). Although AWT email customers may still get some spam messages, the AWT email server is blocking around 95 percent of the spam that is actually sent to them.

One of the weapons used against spam is to identify mailservers that are used to send spam. We do this both by constructing our own database of spam servers and by subscribing to several well established public databases. If our email server receives a message sent via a server which appears on the anti-spam databases then the message is rejected and the originator of the message is notified by email. The notification contains an email address they should contact to resolve the situation.

Unfortunately the offending spam servers often belong to Internet Service Providers and are also used by bona fide customers.

The fight against spam is becoming ever harder as the amount of spam increases. Because of the indiscriminate nature of spam it is inevitable that the odd genuine message will be incorrectly identified as spam.

What you should do if someone has sent you an email which was rejected (blacklisted).

When our email server identifies a message as spam, the message is rejected and the sender is sent a rejection notification. This notification contains instructions on how to contact our email administrator who will attempt to resolve the issue.

If for some reason they are unable to follow the instructions in the rejection notification, they should fax the rejection notification to us on 020 8274 8152